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Technical specification for Alpina B7 2011 Sedan Langversion

Model extra info:Langversion
# of seats:5
# of doors:4
Engine position:Front
Cylinders:8 cylinders
Engine type:V
Valves p/cyl:4
Engine RPM:5500rpm
Fuel:Gasoline - Premium
Top speed:300kmh (186.4mph)
0 to 100:5.0
Weight:1990kg (4387lbs)
Length:5180mm (203.9in)
Width:1910mm (75.2in)
Height:1450mm (57.1in)
Wheelbase:3140mm (123.6in)
Fuel tank:88l (19.4gal)
Mixed drive:12.9l (2.8gal)
Made in: UK
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