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Technical specification for Alpina B 1996 12

Model extra info:12
Cylinders:12 cylinders
Engine type:in-line
Weight:1790kg (3946lbs)
Length:4790mm (188.6in)
Width:1860mm (73.2in)
Height:1350mm (53.1in)
Wheelbase:2690mm (105.9in)
Made in: UK
Photo Of Alpina B12 5 7 E31 59211 Image Size 1600 X 1200 Upload Alpina B12 E32 Alpina B12 5 7 E Cat 6 0 E Cat This B12 Alpina Ashish S First Car Has A Top Speed Of 330kph Gallery Pictures Images Car Alpina B12 Article Car Alpina B12 Alpina B12 1996 Alpina B8 4 6 Sedan Gauges Interior View 960x1280 Bersicht Der Modelle Der Verkauf Von Alpina B12 Mit Hoher Laufleistung With His Alpina Boys Source Dennis B Mallari Anm This B12 Alpina The Electrically Heated Catalyst Emicat Archive 7 Series E38 B12 5 7 Langversion B12 5 7l 029 Leave A Reply Cancel Reply Alpina B12 E38 Alpina B12 5 7 416 Hp V12 5 7l 11 1992 12 1996 Alpina B 12 1996 Reviews Alpina B 12 1996

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