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Technical specification for Allard P1 1950

Engine position:Front
Cylinders:8 cylinders
Engine type:in-line
Valves p/cyl:2
Made in: UK
1948 Allard With Engilsh Ford V8 Solex 30 Aapi Sydney Allards Gt Coupe As It Appeared In Pany Literature After 1952 Plymouth Cambridge Yellow Cab Classic Limousine Classic Allard Car Pictures Cobra Killer 1952 Allard J2x Allard Model P1 1949 1952 1950 Rare Old Hudson Convertible Left To Rust Away In The Catskill 1950 Allard Photo Gallery Allard K2 Year 1950 1952 New Cars Wallpaper Allard K1 6 Photos 13 50 Allard Views 2152 Hotchkiss Gregoire Coupe 668 373 Beautiful Cars 2 Allard P1 1951 Allard P1 1948 52 1950 Allard Photo Gallery Allard Cars Us Http Imageocd Automobiles Allard P1 Pictures And Recent Photos The Mons Getty Collection Galleries World Map App Allard P1 Saloon Cars 1950 Allard P1 Saloon Cars 1950 44 Allard P1 1950 Allard 14 Allard P1 Saloon 1950 1950 Allard Photo Gallery

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