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Technical specification for Audi S8 2011 Sedan

Model extra info:Sedan
# of seats:5
# of doors:4
Engine position:Front
Cylinders:10 cylinders
Engine type:V
Valves p/cyl:4
Engine RPM:7000rpm
0 to 100:5.1
Weight:1175kg (2591lbs)
Length:5070mm (199.6in)
Width:1900mm (74.8in)
Height:1430mm (56.3in)
Wheelbase:2950mm (116.1in)
Fuel tank:90l (19.8gal)
Highway drive:12.4l (2.7gal)
Mixed drive:15.8l (3.5gal)
City drive:18.2l (4gal)
Made in: Germany
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