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Technical specification for Datsun 260Z 1977 Hatchback Automatic

Model extra info:Automatic
# of seats:2
# of doors:3
Engine position:Front
Cylinders:6 cylinders
Engine type:in-line
Engine RPM:5600rpm
Fuel:Gasoline - Premium
Top speed:204kmh (126.8mph)
0 to 100:8.0
Weight:1100kg (2425lbs)
Length:4135mm (162.8in)
Width:1630mm (64.2in)
Height:1290mm (50.8in)
Wheelbase:2310mm (90.9in)
Fuel tank:60l (13.2gal)
Highway drive:8.4l (1.8gal)
City drive:12.0l (2.6gal)
Made in: Japan
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